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First round of deliveries starts at 10:00am and last time to order so you can get your delivery the same day, is 9pm.

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Online Weed Store in Vancouver

Cannabis Delivery Straight to Your Door

Avoid the wait times at the dispensary, and have your cannabis delivered securely to your door. Our site provides all the details about each product, to ensure any questions you may have for a budtender are answered, all from the comfort of your own home.

Online Weed Store in Vancouver

Select from a menu of the most exclusive cannabis products in Vancouver. Whether you are looking for a strain to soothe for restful sleep, or to energize and explore – we’ve got a strain for you!

Discover local flavors, rare flower varieties, and decadent edibles for every occasion.

Featured Products

CO2 Oil Vape Cartridges

A simple, discrete option for on-the-go cannabis lovers. This broadspectrum extract is available in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Enjoy the full-bodied flavor whether you puff light or heavy.

Cereal Milk *Rare* – Hybrid

A classic sativa hybrid, originally grown by the Cookies family. Its sweet and fruity profile is reminiscent of rich cereal milk. You must try this strain before it’s gone!

Pink Death – Indica

This indica strain was derived from the legendary Death Bubba x Pink Kush strains, it packs a punch at 24% THC. Relax and soothe your nerves with this blissful and euphoric flower.

MK Ultra -Indica

One of the heaviest indica hybrids on the market – MK Ultra has some of the strongest hypnotic cerebral effects that cannabis has to offer. A high THC variety testing around 24% on average. Some patients have found this strain to aid in sleep, or lessen the symptoms of insomnia.

*Rare* Donkey Butter – Indica

This pungent, earthy strain is a highly potent indica, testing around 30% THC. A great choice for aiding in the relief of chronic stress and pain – Donkey Butter has incredible anti-inflammatory properties!

Key Lime Pie – Sativa

This complex and relaxing sativa has a minty, chocolate, sour citrus aroma with a candy-like flavor and rich chocolate lime aftertaste. It is energizing while also calming – perfect for boosting creativity and uplifting the mind.

Premium THC Distillate

A highly potent, solvent-free cannabinoid rich oil that is perfect for a variety of applications. Pure distillate is odorless and tasteless – making it great as an ingredient in edible products or to be mixed in with your favorite flower strain as it will impart minimal taste.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Known for its profound medical impact, RSO is a classic full spectrum cannabis extract that has been used to treat pain and support health for various illnesses. This product is activated and can be consumed raw. Our RSO tests between 80-84% THC per gram.

Jelly Breath – Hybrid

A powerful and delicious hybrid strain – offering euphoric effects while alleviating symptoms of pain or stress. A beautiful flower, with deep hues of blues and purples; Jelly Breath tastes just as great as it looks! Hints of berries, fruits, and floral.

600mg Trippin Balls (Dark Chocolate covered Cherry Gummy)

Dark chocolate covered cherry gummies, 50mg THC per piece. These strong and satisfying gummies bring a slight twist to edibles with the decadent flavors reminiscent of a cherry cordial.

Face Punch – Sativa

A sweet and slightly earthy flavor, aiding in relief from insomnia, depression and physical stress. Face Punch is a cross between Animal Face x Purple Punch – a perfect sativa hybrid!

Comatose Kush – Indica

This sedative indica strain is sweet, earthy, and herbaceous! Perfect for relaxing on the weekend or unwinding at the end of the night – this strain will surely rock you to sleep.

Blackberry Kush

An indica-dominant hybrid, known for its relaxing effects and pain management due to its potent body high. Blackberry Kush has a mellow hash flavor, with top notes of gas that is balanced with the taste of sweet berries.

Strawberry Banana – Indica

This deliciously decadent indica is a signature DNA Genetics collaboration with Serious Seeds. Don’t let the sweet fruity notes deceive you, as this strain is a heavy hitter with its high THC content – known for its incredible resin production.

Death Bubba – Indica

A local Vancouver strain, testing between 22-27% THC – this potent indica is a full body experience. It both relaxes the body while uplifting the mind. This dreamy strain is great before bed!

*Rare Rocket Fuel – Indica

An indica cross between Jet Fuel OG x Face Off OG. Its flavor is pungent and gasy, with notes of spice. Great for mood balancing and managing stress.

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