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Selecting the right cannabis strain for you

Cannabis is often categorized into a spectrum of species that help differentiate the effects when consuming it. Indica and sativa are the more distinct types, while hybrids are a combination of the two and can vary in the subtle effects.

Understanding the origin of a strain and how its unique terpene and cannabinoid profile are categorized can help narrow your selection of strains. Some varieties will be great for daytime or night time experiences, while others may encourage creativity or deep relaxation.

Indicas are popular for their sedative and calming effects. Often producing a higher percentage of THC, indica flowers come with a heavy high and may feel stronger than other varieties. Indica strains will commonly exhibit earthy, musky, and creamy rich flavor profiles – like hops or diesel. These strains are perfect for sleep, stress relief, and anti-inflammatory effects: an excellent choice for resting the body and mind.

Pro tip: if you’re into indica dominant strains, try to find high-THC potency, humulene, and beta-caryophyllene for extra flavorful heavy hitters.

Sativas are a bright bunch of strains, characterized for their energizing effects. Many of these strains will have fruity, citrusy, piney notes – the terpenes that create these flavors are what pack that stimulating punch associated with sativas. These strains may increase creativity and are great for daytime activities. Many first time cannabis users will start on sativa or hybrid varieties as they are slightly less potent than indicas, but it is always good to check the cannabinoid percentage to confirm a strain is the right strength for you.

Pro tip: if you love a good sativa, try strains rich with ketones and esters like Golden Goat and Mimosa – these sweet and creamy flavor profiles add a complex mouth feel that some terpenes are too sharp for. Many sativas will have a strong citrus profile that tastes even better when balanced out by these subtle flavors.

Lastly, hybrids are a wide variety of cross-bred cannabis strains, ranging from sativa-dominant to indica-dominant. These strains can have combination flavor profiles from both indica and sativa flowers, with many variations of sweet, sour, floral, and pungent flavor notes. A classic choice for your first experience with cannabis or for veteran cannabis lovers that want to try something different from the classic strains.

How to Dose Cannabis

It can be overwhelming to learn proper dosing with so many options of products and targeted uses to choose from. The easiest way for new consumers to succeed with cannabis dosing is to start at a low dose and build from there.

New users should start around 10mg and increase by 5mg-10mg increments every three days until satisfied with the effects (one puff from a vape is 15mg).

A little patience will go a long way!

Some products may be slightly more potent than others, making it important to double check any testing results on cannabinoid percentages. Products like extracts or hash may have higher potency than a pre-roll of flower, so it is important to confirm your serving size is a safe and comfortable dose for your personal tolerance.

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