Comatose Kush *SMALLS* – OZ only


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Same amazing strain, SMALLER BUDS, smaller price!

Yoda OG is a potent Indica dominant strain with a 25%THC that is well known for its potent effects which induce heavy relaxation of both the body and of the mind.
This powerful strain can leave unexperienced smokers feeling couch locked and lazy, so be aware of this before using this as a wake & bake at higher doses. This strain is best suited for lazy days, afternoons or nights to curl up in front of the TV and watch your favorite movies. Not an ideal choice for busy days or social interactions.

Yoda OG has a pungent scent, a mix of rich earthiness with a hint of wood, almost like tilling soil in a great forest. It is quite a powerful scent that will surely stink your place up, so be advised before sparking indoors.

Same amazing strain, SMALLER BUDS, smaller price!

1 review for Comatose Kush *SMALLS* – OZ only

  1. Jim (verified owner)

    Very nice smoke. Great flavour, smooth smoke and very chill effect.

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