Sky Extracts Shatter (7 strains)


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*If you’d like a mix of different strains, please note so in the order notes.

Sky Extracts is a Vancouver based concentrates extraction company, that uses top quality flowers and techniques to bring you the best smoking experience. There are 13 strains to choose from and each bag contains 1g of shatter!

Sky Extracts Shatter

Shatter is a type of marijuana extract, created by extracting the plant’s essential oil, which contains the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The term shatter specifically refers to a specific texture of translucent cannabis concentrate that breaks and shatters like glass.

22 reviews for Sky Extracts Shatter (7 strains)

  1. Meredith

    Bought these shatter a few times and will likely buy again

  2. Lindsay

    Pretty potent product

  3. Anabelle

    I just tried Durban Poison and its amazing!

  4. Jimmy

    Good shatter!

  5. Jaz H.


  6. Lang

    Try LSD a little more on the sativa side in my opinion

  7. Richard

    Great selection!
    I love this place

  8. Martin B

    Awesome selection and variety of products
    Ive tried quite a few and I’m very satisfied!

  9. Leo

    Dopest Dope!!!!

  10. Charles

    Excellent shatter, definitely one of the best I’ve eve tried.
    Blue Dream has been my favourite lately.

  11. Sean

    Fastest delivery for real!

  12. Ryan

    Very satisfied

  13. LokkO_

    Found my new favorite go to.

  14. Ron J.

    Tried ice cream cake super smooth and made me feel so relaxed

  15. Jackson

    I wanna try Alaskan Thunder Fuck and the 2 times that Ive tried to order has been out of stock 🙁

  16. Diego

    Love these shatters, they are really potent.

  17. Romina

    Great customer service!

  18. Brian

    Way better than smoking joints

  19. Karin

    I tried different strains and they were all so gooood!

  20. Omar

    Northern Lights its my favourite, I tried several times and I never regret it!

  21. Pierre

    Pretty good layout

  22. cartridge_ki

    Useful information

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