*Rare* Platinum Gorilla Glue – Hybrid


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Platinum Gorilla Glue

Platinum Gorilla Glue is a Colorado-bred, significantly strong cannabis strain with THC levels reported ranging from 18-26%. Platinum Gorilla provides a blissful, calming, body-soothing and hungry, Indica-Dominant, couch-locking and sleepy, earthy, fruity, perfect for the end-of-a-difficult-day hybrid cross between Platinum Kush and Gorilla Glue #4. Gorilla Glue #4 is a very potent strain of cannabis, mainly grown in Colorado. Platinum Gorilla Glue #4 is the Original Glue strain. The genetics are a mix of Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel. A wonderfully potent diesel smell, with coffee and sweet earthy notes for a flavourful and smooth smoke. Platinum Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that takes on a platinum-silver shade due to its thick coat of crystal resin. With purple hues and bright orange hairs, its buds grow dense with a sweet fruity and hashy aroma. With iconic parents such as Platinum Kush and Gorilla Glue #4, the Platinum Gorilla Glue strain was bred and destined for success.

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