0.5g CO² Oil Vape Cartridges


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Full Spectrum Co2 cannabis oil
No added terpenes
Made from 100% organic plant source material

510 thread cartridges with .5ml of organic cannabis oil coming in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains.  A simple and discreet option for light or heavy on-the-go smoking which works perfectly with our batteries.

CO2 is a naturally-occurring substance, and can be used as a non-toxic solvent to create concentrates. During the extraction process cannabis is washed with liquid CO2, which separates the cannabinoids and terpenes (the good stuff) from the rest of the plant material. Any CO2 that’s left in the oil will evaporate, and you’ve got a solvent-free product! This creates a concentrated oil that can be vaped at this point and you’ll get a nice, light amber coloured oil that can run anywhere from 50-70% concentration. All our carts are 510 cartridges (which fit basically every pen) with 0.5ml and feature Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains. This is a great and discreet option for smoking on-the-go and work perfectly with our batteries.

26 reviews for 0.5g CO² Oil Vape Cartridges

  1. Benjamin

    Decent morning vape

  2. Candace

    This is the best! It helps with pain and most important, it doesn’t make me cough.

  3. Racquel

    These carts are very strong! My favourites!!!

  4. Noora

    Very smooth doesn’t make you cough

  5. Roman

    So good for my anxiety and depression

  6. Steph

    These are some of the best THC cartridges in Vancouver. I really like the way they smoke and they have different dose options and strains, so I can vape throughout the day! They don’t get clogged and you can actually smoke all the product.

  7. Sally

    The cartridges are excellent and taste amazing.

  8. Justine H.

    These are some of the cleanest carts I’ve smoked. Sometimes I buy carts and I wonder if terpenes have been added (and often times, they probably are). They’ll taste good, but I really want a natural product. These carts are what I’ve been looking for. They pack quite a punch – a couple hits is all it takes, and I’m good for a while longer. Sometimes I don’t pay attention and hit it a bunch of times, and all of a sudden I’m orbiting the moon. They taste great – I love the cantaloupe haze the best, but I’ve got a few laying around that I rotate through my battery depending on what I’m doing, the time of day, or how I’m feeling!

  9. Richard

    Blue Dream it’s the best one!

  10. Solomon

    Amazing quality on these cartridges.

  11. Peter T.

    The strongest weed I’ve ever had was a Granddaddy Purp. Something about that strain just really calms me down. I smoke before bed to help me sleep better, and since I got this cart I’ve been able to get so much better rested at night! THANK YOU!

  12. Suvin

    I usually use these cartridges on work, super discrete and smooth smoke.
    I have with me everyday!

  13. Kelly

    Love Blue Dream, has a nice aroma!

  14. Simon

    The taste is great and hits great too!!!

  15. Bruna

    My favourites cartridges so far!

  16. Roman

    I like these cartridges lasted longer than I expected

  17. Amber D.

    These are great carts. Good clean smoke.. but I just go through the .5ml too quickly. I prefer 1ml carts, just so it lasts a little longer.

  18. Tammy

    Great selection of product and the delivery guy was super nice

  19. Joy

    Pleasant and chill

  20. Jackson P.

    I deal with some social anxiety, and so cartridges has been a godsend – I can quickly take a hoot or two, and it really smooths things out. These ones are really nice – smooth, good high, and taste excellent.

  21. Jullie

    Great carts!

  22. Rose

    I really loved the Granddaddy Purple Kush flavour, I’m a huge fan now!!!

  23. Rafael

    Really good cartridges, I tried some different strains but definitely my number one it’s the Cantaloupe Haze, super strong and nice smoke!

  24. Anthony

    Great quality

  25. Riley

    The ordering process was quick and i loved the products

  26. Karin

    I use it frequently and it’s lasting me so long!

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