50mg Gluten Free Choco Chunk Cookies


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‘Choco Chunk Cookies’ reveal the unrivalled commitment to the mastery of dough, butter and chocolate by ‘Accept Cookies’. Each cookie is an expression of our enduring desire to go beyond ordinary. Made from gluten-free flour, these chocolate chunk cookies offer a healthier option without sacrificing the traditional characteristics of the beloved flavor.

2 cookies per bag
25mg per cookie

19 reviews for 50mg Gluten Free Choco Chunk Cookies

  1. Natalie

    I really loved this product!

  2. Ernie

    Good stuff tbh

  3. Lord

    Wont get you high..

  4. Alyssa W.

    I’m Celiac, so I’m often missing out when my friends are eating weed cookies, and instead have to stick to the gummies. These cookies solved that problem – and at 25mg per cookie (and 2 cookies per package), I’ve got myself covered when a cookie craving comes on!

  5. Amanda

    On my experience whenever I try infused bakery the flavour is not so good, but these cookies were way better than I expected.
    I would probably like bigger chunks of chocolate

  6. Wanda

    Really good option for celiac people!
    If you are celiac, you gotta try this Choco Chunk Cookies!

  7. Carson

    They taste great, they’re pretty potent.. but I’m more of a classic weed brownie person.

  8. Kevin

    Great cookies for a perfect price.

  9. Irina

    I got these cookies for my friend who is celiac.
    She really enjoyed and appreciate this gluten-free and strong option!

  10. Pascal

    Got my order a little late and on my next order they sent me an eight for free
    thnxs guys
    appreciate it

  11. Rebecca

    Great service. Very easy to contact them

  12. Gabriel

    Good quality on these cookies Choco Chunk!

  13. Aldo

    these cookies are amazing!

  14. Tyler

    I’m not gluten-free, but my wife is.. but this is something that we can both enjoy! It looks like I’m getting her a special treat, yet I’m getting my own treat too!

  15. Amber

    Pleasant taste good high 🙂

  16. Jonah M

    Love the flavour wish the pack came with more tho

  17. Lindsay A.

    Don’t tell my boss, but.. I sometimes bring one of these cookies into work to have at lunch on a Friday. Really starts my weekend off with a bang.

  18. Ava

    Its really hard for me to find gluten free infused cookies or brownies. These cookies are amazing!

  19. Pat

    Loved the product but the delivery fee is kinda expensive

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